Does anyone have a big cardboard box?

I’m so frustrated right now.  My friend Adrienne and I have been trying to find a rental apartment close to Adrienne’s work so that we can finally be roomies (we planned this last year, but it fell through due to family issues on my end).  We’ve been looking and calling around for a month with no luck.  We have to find a place that will let us bring our pets.  Between the two of us we have 2 dogs and 1 cat.  That doesn’t seem like a crazy amount of pets to me, especially considering one of the dogs is less than 20 pounds.  Everywhere we’ve called has either been rented, or isn’t pet friendly.  Some places that claim to be “pet friendly” really only want one cat, or a small non-shedding dog.  Other places have suddenly claimed that there are people in other unit that have allergies.  I can totally understand that people have allergies, but most of the time it’s pretty obvious that it’s just a canned response to the question.  

The most frustrating thing about this whole problem is that our pets are good animals.  The dogs don’t bark, they don’t mess in the house, and the don’t destroy things.  My cat is the same; he’s never had a litterbox accident, he doesn’t spray or mark his territory, and he’s never used anything except his scratching posts to sharpen his claws.  We’ve put so much effort into having well behaved pets, and it still gets up nowhere.  It’s also illegal to discriminate against pet owners in Ontario, but it’s pretty hard to prove that you’ve been discriminated against, and I wouldn’t want to have a landlord who hated me and my pets anyways.  I’ve lost track of how many places we’ve called about.  I just want to find a nice place and be done with it.


~ by blacksheepintheroom on February 1, 2012.

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