Cruel summer

I’m so bored right now.  I realize it’s midnight and the normal person would be going to sleep right now, but I’m a night owl.  I wish I could do something to entertain myself.  I don’t know anyone in town other than my room mate, and she’s either with her new boyfriend or working.  I kid you not, even single hour she is not working, she’s either out with him or he’s here.  He’s a nice guy, but it would be nice to be able to hang out with my only friend once in a while without her texting him constantly.  I still haven’t got my bike fixed, and that probably won’t happen any time soon since I’m broke (I have $3.11 in my bank account).  I don’t have my license or a car either, but that would be ruled out due to not being able to pay for gas.  I am taking my road test in 2 weeks, and I really hope I pass.  I haven’t been driving since November, so I’m afraid I’ll be rusty.  I wish I could go swimming at Bass Lake every day.  Unfortunately it’s too far to walk and the buses don’t go that far.

I talked to my mom today to find out when our income tax returns would arrive.  No one seems to know.  I wish it would be soon, since I could really use the money.  I don’t have any summer clothes, and none of my t-shirts fit me.  They’re either too small or way too big.  I also want to get my hair cut; I haven’t had it cut since March 2010.  Maybe I can convince my mom to take me shopping when I go back to Oakville for my cousin’s bridal shower.


~ by blacksheepintheroom on July 4, 2011.

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