I was talking to my friend Lisa about my snake, Shiva, yesterday.  I mentioned that I intend to get more snakes, as soon as a) I can afford more, and b) I’m living in a place of my own.  I have to move back with my parents this fall, and they don’t know I have a snake.  Hopefully I can convince them to let me bring Shiva along, otherwise my friend Adrienne has offered to look after her.

I was thinking of all the snakes I would want to get, and the more I think about it, the longer the list gets.  I was talking to Dave, my friend at the pet store, while I was picking up food for Shiva today.  He agrees that having reptiles is a bit of an addiction.  They’re certainly not for everyone, but for the people who enjoy them, they’re like potato chips (you can’t only have one).

Currently, my list includes: a ball python (any morph), a tricolour hognose snake, a rat snake (I’d really like a leucistic), a Tangerine Honduran milk snake, a tricolour milk snake (there are several species of these, but Pueblan milk snakes are an example), a kingsnake (probably a California king), and numerous different corn snake morphs.  Shiva is an amelanistic corn snake, better known as an albino.  Amelanistic is a better descriptive term, since unlike other albino animals, Shiva is not totally white.  Amelanistic means that the snake does not possess the gene for black colouration, so they are a pleasant red/orange colour.

I might add photos at a later point to show exactly what I plan to get, but I’d have to find photos first.  I used to have them, but my hard drive crashed and I haven’t bothered to re-find them.


~ by blacksheepintheroom on June 29, 2011.

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